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Eusoport Web Server for Davis Vantage®, Nexus or Sinus Weather Stations

  • Web server including power supply and preinstalled SD card
  • Ethernet-cable, free usage of the Eusotec cloud for 2-3 month.
  • Technical Information:

  • Extremely powerful hardware Please click here for showing different models
  • Davis Connection: USB (Davis WeatherLink® USB required) or Ethernet (Davis WeatherLink® IP required) - see options
  • For Nexus and Sinus no adapter is needed. You can use the USB cable of your weather station.
  • Storage memory only limited by used SD card.

  • Software
  • Synchronization by internet time servers
  • Easiest configuration with your web browser
  • Email alarms when configured boundaries are exceeded
  • Integrated PHP Web Server, FTP-Server (for example for uploading changed web pages), SSH and FTP client, XML and Directlink interfaces
  • With a given web address pictures of a web camera could be integrated and displayed with weather data.
  • Displays public and/or private data
  • Free integrated AirPrint® Server to support printers for Apple® iOS devices (but no Support)

  • Please pay attention: For the connection between Davis Station and Eusoport the "Davis WeatherLink®" USB or IP is required. We recommend the WeatherLink® USB. The Envoy8X devices are not supported. Shipping does not include a weather station or Davis Weatherlink.
    Optional: WLAN Adapter for wireless connections between Eusoport and your router (up to 300 MBit/s, WPA and WPA2).
    Free shipping within the EU, otherwise please order via contact form.
    Shipping time about 2-5 working days.
    Eusoport pro and Eusoport pro+ and Eusoport Ultimate are sold out.


    For owners of Raspberry Pi devices:
    Download Eusoport Software with activation key - worldwide no shipping costs !

  • Activation key for using Eusoport software
  • Optional with (extra costs) or without Eusotec Cloud Service
    When ordering with Eusotec Cloud service no router configuration is required and your data could be called direct from Eusotec servers.
    The installation on our side includes the usage for 6 month and will end automatically. An additional time period could be ordered via our online shop.
  • Running on all models A,B and B+, Raspberry Pi 2, Pi 3 (and Pi 4 - first version. ATTENTION: The new Pi4 has changed the chip set, the adapted software is not available yet.)
  • Technical Requirements:

    You will need the following hardware:
  • Raspberry Pi Mod. A,B or B+, Raspberry Pi 2, Pi3 or Pi4 (first version) with power supply
  • SD-Card reader /-writer
  • 8 GB or higher SD or microSD card.
  • Davis® Weather station with Davis Weatherlink USB or IP Adapter or Nexus / Sinus weather station
  • Windows PC for creating the SD card image
  • We have generated a Eusoport demo software which could be downloaded for free (click here) to your Raspberry Pi® device. The software will record your data for about 10 days.

  • Worldwide no shipping costs, shipping of activation key and download access via email.

    Important Hints:
    Please enter the serial number / MAC address (e.g. "b8-27-eb...") of your Eusoport in the comment field.
    The Serial number is displayed when you enter the command ipconfig (see row eth0 marked with HWaddr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx) or
    download first our software and call the configuration menü. There you also will find the serial number.
    We will need this number to generate the activation key.
    Shipping time about 2-5 working days.
    Serial Number

    Cloud Service

    Eusotec Cloud Service for Eusoport - worldwide no shipping costs !

  • Call your data via internet without any configuration inside your router or eusoport
  • Most configurations (like for example alarms via email, sensor names, etc) could be done inside the cloud
  • Only with cloud functionality: Generation of daily, monthly or annual statistic reports with your own copyright remark, which also could be added on your own web page - more infos are available here
  • Calling actual values and displaying them on your own web pages - more infos are available here
  • Here you can order an additional year for the Eusotec Cloud Service.
  • You can order it at any time, the year(s) will be added to the current expire date.
  • When expired the service will be finished automatically. No cancellation is needed.
  • The terms of usage are available in your Eusoport configuration menu.
  • Important Hints:
    Please enter the serial number of your Eusoport (e.g. "b8-27-eb...") in the comment field.
    The cloud service could not be bought for a demo version. A valid activation key is required.
    Activation time: Up to 12 working days.
    Cloud Service
    Serial Number